Sen. Tiara Mack Twerking — An Unpopular Opinion

Long story short…sex sells and until she twerked upside down on a beach, I didn’t even know her name.

I want to make it clear that I don’t condone what she did, but something compelled me to be honest here. I know she’s not into men. I certainly hope she doesn’t get re-elected after this stunt and the response video she made where she basically told people to kick rocks…but this shameful behavior shouldn’t be too surprising.

Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next president was caught doing lines in the Oval Office. When a society like ours moves away from the Scriptures, yet a lot of them honestly believe that God accepts their bad behavior and they’re proudly doing what God wants them to do…all I can do is shake my head, try to educate others with the truth and just keep on moving, day by day, praying for the strength, patience, and wisdom to endure till the end.

We need to be more judgmental, especially in the Black Community. This fear of “I don’t want to be judgmental” and “it’s not my place to judge” is why a lot of people are simply allowing their friends, family, and associates to descend into failure under the messed up logic of, “that’s they’re life and they’re free to do what they want.”

“But Rock. How is that messed up logic? It’s the truth!”

It’s “messed up logic” because we live in a society. Perhaps I should work on an essay about how everything is Connected: from this thing called “Perception,” such as how Black People are perceived based on the actions and behavior of the black stereotypes the media shows on TV, down to the men and women who are raised in single-parent households who go on to commit crime and drain resources from the government…it’s not just “they’re” life.

If you raise children to be polite, respectful, and hard-working, you are contributing to a good, decent, and moral society. If you think it’s okay for 6-year-olds girls to go twerking and little black boys to curse to hip hop songs that’s all about robbing and treating women like whores…what do you think you’re doing to the society?

I’m not saying we should stop them physically against their will…but call it what it is. And if you’re not going to say something, at the very least, don’t nod along and smile because you’re too afraid of making them feel bad. (hint, they should feel bad)

Originally published at on July 8, 2022.



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