Personally, I like Jordan Peterson. One of my favorite points that he makes is that young men don’t receive a lot of encouragement in today’s arena. I know I haven’t. Even in today’s time where openly saying, “I like that Trump said this…” can get you ostracized, young men who aren’t left leaning have no choice but to find encouragement in other venues, like Youtube videos, or websites with articles that provide such encouragement. I think everyone does this, whether you’re left or right leaning. But I think the odds are stacked against those with conservative points of view.

The reason why I’m commenting on this article is because I’ve been watching Peterson’s Youtube videos (among others) for a little over a year, and after watching that interview with Cathy Newman, I confess, I am a little puzzled as to how anyone could possible write an essay like this about Peterson. Don’t get me wrong, I respect your point of view and the great length you put in to writing it. But out of all of the figures who aren’t necessarily left-leaning, wouldn’t the Left appreciate a guy like Jordan Peterson who rarely loses his cool, and more importantly, listens to the opposition?

In my opinion, he’s just the kind of guy we need to have heartfelt and constructive conversations. It’s okay to disagree with him, but I think your article go beyond mere disagreements.

“Petersons followers have been hyper-sensitive”…we can say that about a small group of fans of just about any public figure.

This piece seems teeming with cynicism and belittlement towards Peterson and fans of Peterson. Which, I wouldn’t have a problem with, save for your title, which leads the unsuspecting into thinking, “Oh nice! A summary on Peterson’s body of work. I’m a fan of Peterson. I can’t wait to read.”

Nope…just another hit piece. Albeit, a well-constructed hit piece.



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