Stage in the Sky
3 min readMay 15, 2018


Just yesterday, I watched an old Ben Shapiro Q/A video where this very sad student asked Shapiro, “Why are you doing this? Like, why do you give these lectures and talk these things to people.”

It’s so strange. The effort to discredit someone who says something you personally don’t like. I know you can possibly argue that my comment here is a contradiction to said statement. Because it sounds like I’m trying to discredit you because you said something I didn’t like. I wouldn’t blame you or others for seeing it that way. But rest assured, this is a defense.

I’m not especially fond of the phrase, “Intellectual Dark Web,” but I don’t think I’m alone in insisting that there has been a growing movement to counter all the popular opinions. The reason why there’s a need for the growing movement is because anyone who says something against the popular opinions is attacked, their reputations ruined, and we’ve had enough of it.

And just like that New York Times article implies, it is the reason why Trump was elected. Just because you call something “hate speech” to silence them, it doesn’t eliminate the so-called “hate speech.” They’ll just keep it to themselves and rally with others behind close doors. This has two detrimental effects.

  1. It creates the false illusion that the world is the fantasy that Hollywood and New York wants it to be.
  2. If you really care about helping others to see the light, to get rid of racism and sexism and phobias, you’d open the door of dialogue with them. Understand their arguments. And talk to them like mature adults. You’ll have a better way of winning them over. That is if you really care. And you’re not just grandstanding and virtue signalling to others in your own world. Returning hate for hate never ends well.

And I’m not sure if you’re aware but a lot of people in this growing movement were on board with the leftist ideas, once upon a time. But the hypocrisy. The bullying. The high school mentality of shunning anyone who doesn’t agree with what the cool kids are saying.

This is America. We are free. Our thoughts, our words, we have the freedom to express these things whether it hurts feelings or not. The difference between the Left and the Right right now is that one of us aren’t saying things intentionally to hurt others. Whereas, the other can find offense in a bouquet of roses and thus feel justified to attack.

So if there is the Intellectual Dark Web, so what man? Well, I know why. It’s because people feel threatened. Like the self-esteem of someone with no ambitions hearing the lofty goals of another. Or a man feeling proud about his paycheck in front of the unemployment line.

It’s why people started flipping out when Kanye just said, “I like the way Candace Owens thinks.” The heart palpitations kick in. Have I been wrong this whole time? What were my intentions? What did I hope to accomplish? Who the hell do I really think I am? Do I fall in the category of those who have been brainwashed by the group think? No. That’s impossible. It’s not me! It’s THEM! THE INTELLECTUAL DARK WEB! I HATE THEM! We have to fight them. Discredit them. Make them feel like they’re the wrong ones. That they’re the idiots with hurtful ideology. RIGHT?! Follow me!!!

Hahaha! Kinda got carried away at the end there.